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Cosplay Portfolio

Hello. I'm ladyxzeus and this blog post is a compilation of all my cosplay works. :) I made this so it's easier to share with everyone my experience in cosplay and also to organize my ideas. I'm not going to post many pictures and instead I'll post links to other posts, so this one is not too heavy on your browser. It will be a bit long, but I'd love people to check out my cosplays and tell me what they think about them!

But first of all
Some Words About "My" Cosplay Ways

About My Vision of Cosplay
   For me, cosplay is a performative art. More than making a fabulous costume, it's about recreating a character through acting. Since I belonged to an amateur theatre group for many years, I have this "stage love" ingrained on me. When I perform, I try to convey a feeling, a short story or a morality through the character, based on its persona. Sometimes my performances are comedies. Sometimes they're tragedies. Many times they are simply abstract and have a lot of simbology. In the end, I'd like everyone to be touched by what I do and think about it, maybe even remember it later. Cosplay for me is art and that's what makes it so fun!

About Costume Making
   I'm not very talented about sewing or making props, but slowly I'm learning some things. Nowadays, I take a lot of pleasure from making a challenging costume and surpass my own talents! =D

About Self Esteem
   Just recently I started being more confident about my image. It makes me extremelly sad to be criticized on my looks, because there's really nothing I can do about them. To be honest, I tried being "fit" once, but it only made me suffer. So I started to avoid making new costumes that feature my belly, the part I'm most insecure about. 

About Adulthood
  Before being a cosplayer, an anime fan or a performer, I'm a worker. My job has to be my priority. Therefore time is lacking and that's why I reuse my costumes so much. Besides that, there's this thing about being a grown-up... In which you stop liking shounen OPs and stop screaming at every cosplay you like at cons. But you also learn to appreciate new things that you had never noticed before. Fun times. :) 

Featured Cosplay!

Below are collages representing each of the cosplays. Click on the one you'd like to know more about to be redirected to its dedicated post! :) The costumes are in chronological order of debut.

Note: This area is under construction and it will take a while to get all costumes here. Meanwhile, if you are interested, please check my Facebook Page and Youtube Channel


Future Plans

Planned Costumes (kind of by order of priority, they change once in a while)
  • Mamiya (Hokuto no Ken)
  • Integra (Hellsing)
  • Major Makoto Kusanagi (Ghost in the Shell Arise)
  • Princess Leia (Star Wars)
  • Queen Neherenia (Sailor Moon) 
  • Timo (Metropolis)
  • Leelo (The Fifth Element)
  • Kobato (Kobato)
  • P-chan (Gokinjo Monogatari)
  • Mikako (Gokinjo Monogatari)
  • Nodame (Nodame Cantabile)
  • Tanabe Ai (Planetes)
  • Oscar (Rose of Versailles)
  • Lunay (Original Character)
  • Alayeska (Original Character) 
  • And a couple of surprises, hoho!
Keywords for future skits
  • Drugs
  • Sex
  • Rock'n'roll

Some stuff that's good for everyone and, thus, I'll share! :)
My Cosplay List @ Youtube - Has skits I like, my own stuff (that you just found here) and some tutorials
Help! - Folder with a lot of tutorials, patterns and reference pictures. It's in Portuguese, but everyone can use it. It's updated once in a while!
Cosplay Service - For the girls! Pictures of guys in cosplay.
Cosplay Workshop - Power Point of a Workshop I gave on the PLAY part of Cosplay. In Portuguese!


I want to thank, from the bottom of my heart, a lot of people. Namely:
  • My family, that is always there to help me and give me rides
  • Nela, that always gives good ideas
  • My friends, who find me fun, give me critique and support my crazy ways
  • Everyone that ever liked any of my performances and had fun with them
  • Everyone that gives me criticism and helps me to get better
  • My BR friends, because they still keep me around (:p)
  • My friends in the Portuguese community, because they help me a lot and they rock
  • Nhu, cuz nhu ***
  • To everyone that ever pointed me in the right direction     

Ideas? Criticism? Suggestions? They're all very welcomed! I read all your notes and I use them all to evolve, so feel free to say what you think about my work so far! :) You can mail me at ladyxzeus(
If you'd like to follow me more closely, check out the:

And with this, it's over! Thank you for visiting, please drop me a comment (or two) and enjoy! Remember, if it was not for you, my public, I'd not do this! :) 

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  1. E agradecimentos ao pessoal que conheceste no Iber nada xD

    1. Heeeeey, vocês são agradecimentos de excelente e maravilhosa companhia em eventos, não foi de cosplaaaay xD xD