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Cosplay Portfolio

Hello. I'm ladyxzeus and this blog post is a compilation of all my cosplay works. :) I made this so it's easier to share with everyone my experience in cosplay and also to organize my ideas. I'm not going to post many pictures and instead I'll post links to albums, so this post is not too heavy on your browser. It will be a bit long, but I'd love people to check out my cosplays and tell me what they think about them!

But first of all
Some Words About "My" Cosplay Ways

About My Vision of Cosplay
   For me, cosplay is a performative art. More than making a fabulous costume, it's about recreating a character through acting. Since I belonged to an amateur theatre group for many years, I have this "stage love" ingrained on me. When I perform, I try to convey a feeling, a short story or a morality through the character, based on its persona. Sometimes my performances are comedies. Sometimes they're tragedies. Many times they are simply abstract and have a lot of simbology. In the end, I'd like everyone to be touched by what I do and think about it, maybe even remember it later. Cosplay for me is art and that's what makes it so fun!

About Costume Making
   I'm not a fan of making costumes and I'm honest: I'm not great, or even average. I'm studying more and more on how to sew and make props so I can bring life to the character on a better way, but it's not a priority for me.

About Self Esteem
   Just recently I started being more confident about my image. It makes me extremelly sad to be criticized on my looks, because there's really nothing I can do about them. To be honest, I tried being "fit" once, but it only made me suffer. So I started to avoid making new costumes that feature my belly, the part I'm most insecure about. 

About Adulthood
  Before being a cosplayer, an anime fan or a performer, I'm a veterinarian. My job has to be my priority. Therefore time is lacking and that's why I reuse my costumes so much. Besides that, there's this thing about being a grown-up... In which you stop liking shounen OPs and stop screaming at every cosplay you like at cons. But you also learn to appreciate new things that you had never noticed before. Fun times. :) 

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    • Botan
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    Light Yagami
    (Death Note)

    Motivation: I used to have a friend that loved Death Note. She wanted very much to cosplay L, so she basically forced me and another friend to cosplay with her. I like Light, so I did not mind much, but it was still a bit awkward that this was my first cosplay.
    Construction: I bought all parts of the costume, except for the shirt and necktie, that I already had. The wig is from a party store. For the second time I got binding with ellastic bandages, as recommended by Leonor Grácias (thank you). You can find a description of the various methods here. As for make-up, here's a tutorial on crossplay make-up. :) The provisory Death Note is a maths notebook filled with anatomy notes.
    Events and Performances
       FUPO 2006 - Lots of strange moments, but we had fun. I think?
      Anicomics 2013 (Preliminar) - Kill the Troika - My friend Hota-chan participated with me, as Misa Amane, in a group. We thought of making something like a comedy for the preliminar, because that would give us better chances to get to the final. So I picked up a song that me and a friend invented at a protest (there are a lot in Portugal!) and made it fit to Death Note. The public went in delirium, everyone singing along, clapping and laughing! And thus, we got to the final!
       Anicomics 2013 (Final) - You Said (Watch the Support Video!) - And thus we got to the final! But we did not expect it, so we did not pick what to do or rehearsed till the day itself. We decided to use a song by the Portuguese band "Mão Morta", which is very beautiful and that fits the story of Death Note perfectly, with all the references to fear and apples. We rehearsed in the morning and the whole thing was kind of improvised, but I got the feeling that it went really well and that it was very intense. The original video at our support video is from the videoclip of "Blue Orchid" by "The White Stripes".
       Anifest 2013 - Kira Shop (Audio Only) - Why not a little comedy again? This was a parody of a parody, the Melga Shop part of a Portuguese Progrem called "Herman Enciclopédia". We were basically selling a Death Note (Déte Nóte) and exemplifying how it worked. We killed Shinji (Cinji) from NGE and.... Why not? We killed the president with diarrhea! People laughed so much, tons of thumbs up and we ended up winning the First Prize! We were soooo happy! =D
       Anifest 2013 - Wow, we're on a video! At 3:03! 
    Reception: People were like "oh, my master descended to earth" when we appeared at the event, but afterwards nobody paid us any attention.

    Arcade Star Dahlia
    (Pokemon Platinum)

    Photoshoot Under the Rain
    (By Catarina Covreur Ruas and Patrícia Fonseca)

    Motivation: After a long break I decided I'd like to cosplay again. I went to ask for suggestions on what should I cosplay and someone told me Dahlia. I love Pokemon but I only played it till Crystal (then the games stopped being for the Game Boy Colour) Still, she is a Pokemon character! If from the Pokemon universe this is the character that looks most like me that's the one I'll cosplay!
    Construction: Progress Pictures I bought all parts of this cosplay and made some changes. To the shirt I added white fabric to the sleeves and cut it on half. I made the headband with a normal black metal headband as base and adding a construction material (that we use for filling bones in orthopaedics) that I painted yellow. I painted the symbols on the belt with fabric paint. The piercing is an adhesive with the same material I used for the headband. It's orthopaedics material, I don't know the brand, but I think you can find an equivalent at a hardware store. :) I painted my face and body with a darker concealer, but it's only noticeable in some pictures. Bought the wig at a party store. For the Blaziken costume I made a headset in papier-mache, K-lite and two headbands and altered a "devil costume" for children. The wig is from the same party store. Progress Pictures and a couple of funny extras Here.
    Events and Performances
       Photoshoot #7 2010 - Went with my godson (the Blaziken), who hated it with all forces due to a fun but depressive horror story. Nobody recognized me except for one girl, just when I was leaving home. I was sad because of the reception, but this girl was absolutely hysterical when she saw me, it totally made my day. I'd love to have the picture she took me. The photoshoot was rainy and cold, but I enjoyed it a lot.
    Reception: Pretty horrible. Nobody except one person recognized me and people tought I was wearing normal clothes. I overheard two girls in cyber-punk outfits calling me a "Brazilian Whore". That left me really sad. If it was not for the photoshoot afterwards, I'd probably have quit cosplaying right there. Also, my godson HATED everything about it, cosplayers made him cry, it was pretty awful. This cosplay was immediatly retired, gave out all my clothes to my friend (godson's mother), that kept the pants and gave out the rest to her own friends.


    (by Zé Gato)

    Motivation: I absolutely A-D-O-R-E Vocaloid! I love their songs. My favourite at the time was Hatsune Miku, but I'm nowhere as young as here. So I decided to pick the older vocaloid, Meiko! Afterwards I started to listen to her songs more and more and now she's my favourite. Her songs are just much more mature and interesting.
    Construction: Progress Pictures At first I used both Meiko and Sakine Meiko as references, mixing both designs. Then I got rid of the gloves and armwarmers and turned into a purer Meiko. The main parts of the costume were comissioned, because I wanted to take the costume to Iberanime and would not have time to do it myself. Therefore, it's my best costume. Lol. The wig was bought at a party store and slightly altered to be more Meikoish. I painted the sole of the boots with acrylic paint. I wear a padded bra, after someone kindly told me my bust was not big enough (-_-). I also wear fake nails, painted red. As for the microphone that looks nothing like a microphone... I made the head with k-lite and clay and the base with a curtains base and wood. It can't stay up for more than 30 seconds due to a basic design mistake, so I'll probably be making a new one. It used to be kept together with duct tape, but I replaced it with balsa wood so it would look prettier. Much later I adapted a new microphone: I had this old mic at my grandmother's house (me and my sister sang with it); cut the cable and added a red ribbon to the top.
    Events and Performances
      Iberanime 2010 - Craddle of Destiny - My stepmother (professional dancer and tarologist and whatevers) taught me a dance in which I would have "a relation of love with the mic". It worked out, I think. Now, the bad part about this is that even though I gave them two backups they still messed up with my song and put on a different version. So the whole skit, that had a beggining, a middle and an end, was reduced to a middle and a different middle of what I had planned. So I had to improvise. Meeeh.... (Note: if you'd like to see the demonstration video of all the dance steps I can mail it to you. Since it's my Stepmother doing them I'm opting to not make them readily available here ;))
      Anicomics 2010 - BUSTED! - I was freaking out with the time limit. And suddenly I had this stupid idea! My colleague Hugo The Kermit offered to play the voice-off and it worked out /perfectly/. It was absolutely unexpected but I won a Third Place. Nobody will ever be able to understand our feelings as we saw the greater costumes being elliminated and we staying behind, it was a whole load of fucks in our heads. But I was really happy and this gave me hopes that I can do this kind of stuff and be recognized for it!
      Nihon Sekai 2012 - Listen to me Mr. Wine - I was banging my head against walls trying to find a good music for my performance and suddenly I had this illumination... Idk, I had always wanted to use fado at a performance. And is there a better song to a drunk vocaloid? I think it went really well (even though after two years this costume does not fit me anymore... DaaamnI'mfat!) Got the Second Place!
      Enkai Anime Convention 2012 - A Sukito Like All the Others - So, it seemed to me that all you had to do to win a cosplay contest in this country was to take off your panties and/or dance Gangnam Style. So, as social criticism, I danced Gangnam Style with panties on my head! I wanted to ridicule it, show everyone how stupid it was. Well... It did not work. Won First Place!
    Reception: While almost nobody recognizes Meiko as a vocaloid, when people recognize her it's a blast. She also gives out an awesome vibe of style and I love this cosplay, want to wear it more often. She's one of my drunk characters, but the beer can I carry is... Only that one. Lol. Still, since she's a singer and a dancer I can do a lot of funky stuff and generally be cool, so it's super fun to wear this.

    (Yu Yu Hakusho!)

    Motivation: This cosplay was suggested to me at CosplayBR, at a little contest they hold where people suggest a cosplay to the person above and the person cosplays it. I was suggested Botan, so I went to check out YYH and LOVED it to bits. Botan is definetely my super-favourite character. She's super fun and a totally happy-goer, even though she's a shinigami. And that's like me. :)
    Construction: Progress Pictures I wanted to make this kimono the closest possible to a real one, so I studied a lot. Reference websites that I used are these: Immortal Geisha, Making a Kimono, AnimeKimono, Tomasan, Kimono FAQ and Making a Tsuke-Obi. For Portuguese users there's also a forum. For this reason I handsewed all of my kimono and it's not really well finished on the edges. For the bow on the obi I used this tutorial. For the shoes I used this tutorial (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3). Since I made a mistake with measurements I usually take them in my bag and only put them on for pictures (as for the rest I use havaianas). I also don't wear them on performances. Also, it was really hard to find the material in the right shape, I could only find epoxy foam (and not liquid), so I had to wrap them in tape to make the edges smooth (really hard to sand, I tried it...) The socks were made following this tutorial. The oar I made together with my father (making props is a thing we enjoy as a family) and involved a lot of heavy machinery. I think I can actually ROW with this oar. The base wig was a curly blue wig that I made a ponytail with. The contacts are pink, but they don't look very pink on my eyes (I have hazel eyes, kind of too light for some contact colours). People notice it when they get close. I'd like to remake this cosplay fully, with a different (more detailed and higher quality) fabric and also remake the sandals, so they fit better.
    Events and Performances:
      Japan Weekend 2010 - What does the Shinigami do on its free time? - From the series "The Secret Life of the Shinigami". The audio is HORRIBLE, but this was supposed to be like a show about Nature, with the Brazilian dub. The wild animal shinigami, on its free time, goes to Friends of Bairro Alto, which is a gay bar. I totally had fun with this, was kind of sad people did not recognize the music and danced with me.
       FIBDA 2010 - What sound does the Shinigami do? (Audio Only) - From the series "The Secret Life of the Shinigami". Ok, this one was hilariously fun to put together and the result was pretty awesome too. But some stupid voice-off interrupted my audio to say informations about the event and I got totally lost, looking at the juri for help. But the juri could not help me at all (and I actually think they were not too happy about my attitude). Still, got together in the end. People loved it and I loved it too!
       Ramada 2010 - Nostalgia Hit (Audio Only) - Had a blast while putting it together and I think the presentation went well. But the contest was absolutely rigged, left crying with my mother yelling at me "you'll never go to this kind of decadent event again, from now on you can only go to decent events!" It was the only time I cried out of frustration in cosplay. Good thing nobody saw it.
      Anipop Kyuu-Ti - Nostalgia Hit - Since nobody paid me any attention last time I decided to recycle the skit, since I thought it was good and fun. People really liked for the most part (even though some were offended that I called them old, lol), but then I looked at the video and discovered I'm absolutely out of coordination! Daaamn! There's one thing to get better, ne? Also, the point of this skit was: since Yu Yu Hakusho is a reference of the 90s (in some countries at least), why not talk a little about how old we are? 
       Animoment 2012 - 5 Things you can do with an Oar - (Watch the Support video!) Really fun and effective, people laughed and it was really fun to put together and rehearse. There were only two people in the contest and I ended up with First Prize (first of my liiife)! Juri said I was not very expressive and I agree, especially in the end.
       AmadoraBD 2012 - Death to Rabbits! - (Original Audio - Play it loud!) So, our situation in Portugal is not very bright. So I thought... Why not talk about politics? My audio ended up being not loud enough, so I had to do it with the mic. People said it got even better. Got an awesome reaction from the public! But really, everyone has to agree with this... xD
    Reception: Nobody knows who Botan is. When people recognize her they get absolutely hysterical. My oar is often mistaken as a shovel, for some reason. Really fun character to cosplay, still have a lot of ideas to do with her! I just did not like when these kids decided to steal my oar and run around with it. I cherish it a lot, if it breaks I will cry! I also have a lot of funny stories with kids and old people. :)

    (Ah! My Goddess!)

    Motivation: When I decided to restart cosplaying the first thing I did was trying to find a partner. I talked with my friend (from school time) Marta Lebre and we had this idea of cosplaying Belldandy and Skuld. In the end I was the only one making the cosplay. I don't even like the character very much (and thus my decision of never cosplaying characters I don't love ever ever ever again), but I've been having more fun with it lately.
    Construction: Progress Pictures This was the most complicated costume EVAR. I had just found a sewing machine and the chain broke as soon as I tried it out. So to make this I went to a studio of a neighbour. She gave me some advice, but in the end I was the one to do it. Notice that the whole costume is serged, as I had access to a serging machine. Ok, let's go by parts: the white dress was not made with a pattern. Instead we put the fabric over me and pinned it together at the places we tought good. It's a confusion and till now it's really hard to dress up, requires help. The blue gown was made with a jacket as pattern, not sewed in the middle. It's kept together by a bracelet I painted gold that has a strap of blue and white fabric and golden ribbon glued together with fabric glue. The golden triangles used to be ribbon, but then I replaced them with interfaced golden fabric, as suggested by JiaJem (I mailed her for help and she was very nice!). They are taped with fabric tape. For the gloves I used this pattern (want to remake them, since they are not well finished). For the feet I taped my own feet to make a pattern. The jewelry is assorted jewels from chinese shops that I put together, except for the necklace, that was made with FIMO. It's going to be remade. The wig was from TaoBao and is composed of a wig with a ponytail and two ponytail extensions. It's VERY heavy and has to be pinned down to my head every time. I want to add some bangs, because right now the wig looks like a creepy animal. Finally, the wings were made with JiaJem's tutorial. I remade them with non-synthethic feathers later and I think they look really pretty now.
    Events and Performances
       Japan Weekend 2010 - I watched that on Locomotion! - HORRIBLE audio, I don't know what happened, when I rehearsed it was fine :< On any case, this was my friend Joana's idea! I was telling her about my cosplay and she was like "I watched that on Locomotiooon!" Apparently just a couple of people in the crowd knew what Locomotion was...
       Denmaku Ryuu 2010 - Mary Mary Mary Cristo (Audio Only) - It was near Christmas, I love this song and I had this idea of showing pictures... So that's what I did. People awed. I made the "pictures" with cardboard and ice-cream sticks. Ate a looot of icecream...
       Anicomics 2011 - Terrible Angels (Support Video Only) - Ok, so nobody understood what this was. I don't understand it very well either, I just liked the song, thought it applied to Belldandy and wanted to perform it. I was upset that people actually laughed at the most intense and serious part. Still, I got Third Place at the Eurocosplay Preliminars and was really happy about it! Ok, we were only three, but they could have not attributed the prize to anyone!
       Portusaki 2012 - Gods of the World - Belldandy talks a little bit about the other gods of the world (ever knew that Belldandy IS a mythology goddess?) It was really fun to do this and people also had great fun, from what I saw from the stage. It's not very well coordinated, because I did not rehearse enough, but the objective (make people laugh) was achieved.
       Interview for ECG - This is not cosplay but it's about this cosplay.  I... Have no idea. I think I was still drunk from the night before.
    Reception: I think it's indecent that people don't recognize Belldandy. Really? Oh! My Goddess has been running for the past 20 years! Really? How do people call themselves anime fans? /rant Anyway, people that recognize me get happy. Especially that guy that had Belldandy and Urd tattooed. I was actually kind of afraid of that guy "oh no, did I destroy all your dreams and hopes?" but he was absolutely happy! Made my day, too bad I was not in costume anymore for a picture... Anyway, I've still got a lot of epic ideas that are going to become true someday, but expect them to be very conceptual and very weird. :p

    Cana Alberona 
    (Fairy Tail)

    Motivation: This again was suggested for CosplayBR SCOPPA (that contest in which people suggest and you cosplay). It was suggested because one of my pictures was of me drinking a beer. But I liked the character concept and started working with it while watching Fairy Tail. I used the manga design in the reference because when I was watching it she was still not much involved with the story. Now she is (and I kind of not like her that much anymore, the happy drunk was funnier).
    Construction: Progress Pictures This is partly a closet cosplay. I raided for the right clothes on chinese stores and sewed them together, adding details (like the bikini lace and the hearts on the belt). The bikini has a hidden detail: I made a "pocket" with tulle inside, so I could pad it and make my bust a bit more Canaish. Since I did not find anyway to make a barrel online it was trial and error with my father (again, our family activity). I ended up making a tutorial, that can be found here. The bracelets were made with k-lite and clay, painted silver with acrylic paint and then repainted black with gouache for the "old" effect. I use my own hair, but I go to the hairdresser in the morning before the event to style it. I paint the symbol with a body paint pencil with a stencil. The cards, I glued the pattern on normal playing cards and then plastified them. Afterwards I learned that Cana uses tarot cards, but with playing cards you can... Play with them! The bottle is a bottle of wine that I drink beforehand and then fill with this amazing drink called H2O. You gotta try it, it hits really hard.
    Events and Performances:
       FUPO 2010 - Poem - What drunk people like to do? Recite poems! So I recited a poem made by my friend António. Now, everyone was talking like mad, so I yelled everyone to SHUT UP and yelled my poem as well. Forgot it midway and improvised the rest, but still won a prize I did not even know that existed: Model Cosplayer. Surprising! Till today people ask me if I really threw up or if I was pretending (I was pretending). Also, my barrel was filled with a barrel of beer and I brought 4 liters of Traçado (Traçadinho da Cana) and plastic cups. Everyone drank (me too, but only after the performance. Believe me!) and everyone was really happy, it was probably the funniest event I went to. Note: I broke a tooth during the skit.
       Anipop 2010 - Poem - This time I went to recite a poem by Vinicius de Moraes. The last verse is "Whisky is the bottled dog". Now, this went really, really bad. I was the first to enter (I hate being the first) and there was this staff guy on the back stage continually saying horrible things, like asking about my sex life and if I had a boyfriend. I was really upset and telling him to stop, but he would not stop. There were other people there, including staff, and nobody told him off. So I went on stage really nervous and missed a line of the poem. Was really angry at myself for making this mistake, so ended up calling my mother and asking her to pick me up. Did not even seen the prizes.
       Cosmode (Cure Magazine) Cosplay Snaps of the World - I was published! See the scan!
    Reception:  Everybody loves Cana! It's the funniest character to cosplay, one does not even need to drink to be drunk. :3 Too bad it's a summer outfit and there are not many cons during the summer, or else I'd do a load of things!

    Sailor Jupiter
    (Sailor Moon)

    Cold Photoshoot
    (by Zé Gato, Andreia Silva and Sofia Simões)

    Motivation: THIS was supposed to be my first cosplay! LOL I love Sailor Moon since ever, it's basically what introduced me to manga and anime. Jupiter is my favourite Sailor, I identify with her (looks bad but is actually feminine and kind) and she has the same hairstyle as me! I picked the manga version, so the skirt would be easier to make. And because I like the manga better as well!
    Construction: Progress Pictures This was a challenge at the beggining but when I concluded it I realized that it was quite simple. I made it together with my friend Ana, who did the Sailor Moon. First of all, I got a body suit from El Corte Ingles. Sewed a shirt cut in half to the top and gathered the center. Added the filling with foam like in this tutorial. Then I made a gathered skirt that I added to the body and covered the stitches with more foam filling. You can see a tutorial for the skirt here. The collar was made following this tutorial, with three stripes of ribbon added. Made the bows following this tutorial, with some interface added. My friend made the heard brooch on clay with a pin. Her father made the tiara with a metal cutter, it stays on with a black ellastic. On any case, here's a tiara tutorial. For the boots I bought some cheap boots at Campo Grande (ideal for cosplay shoes, has a lot of variety and prices vary between 5 and 10€) and used bootcovers. Tutorials for bootcovers: 1, 2, 3, 4 (1), 4 (2) and 4 (3). For the sole I hotglued sanding paper and I sewed the laces. I bought the gloves at Luvaria Ulisses and added the foam filling. The green parts are made of Satin (the reverse side) and the pink parts made of cotton. I use my own hair with a clip-on ponytail and clip-on bangs. Made the ellastic for the hair with pieces from Chinese shops and the ribbon is just a ribbon. I also made a Luna Kigurumi for my little sister, with this tutorial.
    Events and Performances:
       Cosplay Photoshoot #8 -  Went with my friends and my little sister. My father and his wife were also there. We had a total blast, little sister loved it, we took pictures with another Sailor Moon group. And we appear right in front in the picture!
       Iberanime 2011 - Dance of Thunder - I asked my father's wife to teach me a dance, so we worked on this dance. My little sister suggested some moves, including the most mischiveous. I just think this song is ideal for the character, I was listening to it and suddenly something clicked! I think my performance went well, I felt great while doing it.
       Anicomics 2011 - Marco Paulo - For a group with a blonde and a brunette there's no better song. We had a great time preparing the coreography, researching labrego coreographies and doing the cardboard of "Palmas". It did not went too well because one of us (probably me) made a mistake on the day of the performance, but it was still great. We are still convinced that we should have won "The Most Retarded Skit". Also, it was awesome that the music started and someone in the audience yelled "OH NO!" Haha!
       Iberanime OPO 2013 - Sailor Dance - For the first time I participated in a skit where I did not contribute with almost anything in the creative process. I found a group looking for members at the Anime Portugal forum and joined them. Now, they were all from Oporto and I'm from Lisbon... Still, I went to Oporto for another occasion and rehearsed with the responsible of the group and made a script. As the time passed, we lost members. From six we went down to three. And in the day of the contest we rehearsed as hell! I was not confident at all, because (as proved before) my dance abilities are lacking, but in the end - probably because we rehearsed so much in the morning - all went well and we won the Second Prize! Looking at myself, I can see that it seems that I'm made of jelly compared to my partners. Also, I made two mistakes, one of them because we changed the final pose in the morning and I was too used to do otherwise in my own rehearsing at home. Still, it was so fun! Now I think I can be a bit more confident with dancing and maybe use it again!
       Photoshoot - Ah, we be so crazeh and professional. Ulululululul.
    Reception: People that don't know Sailor Moon, normally little kids, are curious about the character. People who know it love it. Sometimes people recognize me as a Sailor but don't know which one, so I quote the anime. Then people know it. I'd love to have a full group to do more funky stuff! Now, a detail. After "Dance of Thunder" people started to treat me differently and called me a bunch of stuff anonymously. Things like whore, bitch and other female animals. I showed the video to loads of people out of the community and nobody found a problem with that, for a moment I was getting paranoid. I was not expecting this kind of reception from anime fans.

    Meroko Yui 
    (Full Moon wo Sagashite)
    Just Like Heaven
    (by Zé Gato)

    Motivation: I had the pink contacts for Botan and it was kind of a waste not using them again. So I asked for suggestions and got Meroko. Great idea! Meroko is a different kind of shinigami and I can do different things with her. I loved the concept and the ideas I got with it.
    Construction: Progress Pictures The fabric I used for the whole costume was taffeta, as I wanted a bit of shine (for magical girl purposes) and the whole costume is lined with lining taffeta. The skirt is a simple gathered skirt with an ellastic band and the lace on top was gathered and sewn with ellastic thread (which, should I mention, was a pain in the ass). I made it a bit longer so the costume would not be so skimpy. The top is a gathered rectangle with ellastic bands on top and bottom and a zipper in the middle. The lace was added with the same method. I chose to use lace instead of gathered fabric because I thought it would be a nice detail. The tophat I made with this tutorial. Instead of the silk ribbon I added gathered lace and a belt (again, I thought a belt would be another quirky detail). The ears were simple, I just cut the fabric in a shape that resembled ears, plus the pink inside, and stiffened them with a piece of wire, then glued them on the tophat. I made bootcovers following this tutorial and hotglued red belts on them. I made the gloves with this pattern and the wings following JiaJem's tutorial. The wings are held to the body with four straps made of ribbon, that go around the chest, being the back hidden by the top. For the belt I altered a belt by cutting the buckle away and adding velcro. The metal circle is a large earring. I also used velcro for the collar and bracelets, which have hotglued gathered lace as well. Finally, the wig. Unfortunately the wig came out to be much shorter than what I expected. I already bought it shorter than what was supposed so it would not tangle as much (Belldandy trauma), but it was reaaaly short. Anyway, I styled the curls near the wings by curling a small piece of hair on an  empty roll of toilet paper and spraying the hell out of it with L'Oreal Extreme Fixation (which is what my grandmother uses). Then clipped with a pin and left it for the night at my grandmother's house. I would come back every day for a week and every day I sprayed it. I think it came out well. Stockings I bought on e-bay and they are held with a garterbelt.
    Events and Performances:
       Cosplay Photoshoot #10 -  Went alone for the first time. Spent most of time doing photosynthesis near a group that I met that day (my friend Hota got us all together). Then Zé Gato, the photographer, and my non-animefag boyfriend arrived and we took some pictures. It was a really charming day, very sunny, and I was very happy.
       Anicomics 2013 - Invent Love (Watch the Support Video!) - This is an inedit song: it was recorded by me and a friend and is based off a buddhist mantra. I recorded the keys and he recorded the voice. Then I added some whale noises. I picked a view of the moon for the video because Meroko is a rabbit and there are rabbits on the moon! (According to the Japanese, lol) It's a picture of a picnic on the moon, a picnic Meroko imagines with Takuto (represented by the cat plushie), in which she bounds to him (represented by the golden ribbon). Things explained, it's not that weird, right? On any case, people started laughing as soon as I entered, which is kind of a weird experience. The picnic "towel" did not unfold correctly so the effect was not the one I wanted too. Besides that, I think it went well. This also marks the time I changed clothes quickier than ever, because I had to cosplay Light the moment after (two contests in a row!)
       Anicomics 2014 - Aquarela - I explained this better at my entry for the event, which is n Portuguese. In summary, this was a little thing I did to honour my grandfather, who had passed recently. I used a famous brazilian song (my family is Brazilian) that talks about life and death. Who is better than the children's shinigami to talk about this? Each movement in the performance is something that's on the lyrics of the song (the yellow ball is the sun, the blue ball is a drop of paint, the panel is the wall and the other side is the future). The panel and the cube, the awesone blue cube, were made by me and Zé Gato (thank you!). The video was edited by Twinny (thank you!). I got very emotive at the end, it was a very personal thing. I was told later that some people were touched by my performance and that, more than passing to the final or winning or anything, was the most important for me. Thank you everyone for sharing this moment with me! :)
    Reception: A couple of people recognize me and manifest that they want to do the same costume. Yay! A lot of pictures taken, even by non-geek people. I guess the tophat makes it all very appealing! 8D

    Utena Tenjou (Rose Bride Gown)
    (Revolutionary Girl Utena)

     Reference Pictures

    Motivation: As soon as I watched Revolutionary Girl Utena I said to myself "I HAVE TO cosplay this character". She's a very interesting character, with a wonderful progression and I also identify a lot with her, in her search for adulthood.
    Construction: Progress Pictures Huuuge challenge, made in nearly a week. Let's start from top to bottom. The tiara was made on cardboard and painted golden with spray and hotglued to a headpiece. The wig (wonderful wig, it did not tangle at all!) is from Ebay's cosplaywig and I cut the bangs. The contacts got ruined and I could not save them, but I bought new ones from Pinkyparadise. The epaulettes were made with a fringe rolled up, a foam ball painted golden and a cardboard rectangular piece (I used a medicine package to transfer the shape), also painted gold. It's pinned to the shoulder with two pins. The jacket was made with a fitted dress pattern, as suggested by my friend Sumomo, who is a professional Cosmaker in Brazil. Here are the instructions on how I made the pattern (in Portuguese):  Front and Back. The collar is held up with interface. Applied bias tape all around. Pockets were made with yellow fabric and bias tape (and they are real pockets! But very small). The buttons are fake: they are attached to the lining and the front closes with velcro. That makes it easier to change costumes later when I complete the project with the second version (Prince Utena). The green section is actually the lining. The sleeves have interface, bias tape and buttons (just cut the shape and sewed). There's a little golden rope that comes from a ball on an epaulette and ends on a pin glued to a button. The skirt is made in four parts, with two different fabrics. The side ones are inverted trapezes (the lenght of the top part is half of my waist) and the middle ones are squares, gathered at the middle. It closes with a zipper and velcro at the waistband. There are two petticoats, one made of tulle and the other of lining material with ellastic waistbands, made with a method suggested by Ana Carla Shin (a triangle). I wanted a ruffle at the white petticoat, but did not have enough fabric. The hoopskirt was made with the help of Hota-chan, following these tutorials: 1, 2. For shoes I used pink Melissas that fitted better than the white shoes on the only reference picture I found of them.
    Events and Performances:
       Central Comics Con 2013 - When our bodies separated - Nobody was expecting fado, they did not even clap at the end... ;____; Well, this was abstract and representative. And now I'll explain. BE AWARE IF YOU DID NOT WATCH THE SERIES, BECAUSE THIS IS A HUGE FRIGGIN SPOILER At the asparagus scene, on the video, Utena loses something. The box represents what she loses and the ribbon inside is the boundary she gets from it: she's stuck to her new condition and can't find a way to evolve from it.
       Anifest 2013 - Garnet Ruby (Listen to the Full Song!) - Another inedit song! This time, I picked a poem by Terayama Shuji, an avant-garde poet that influenced Revolutionary Girl Utena a lot. In the rules of the contest there was "make it in English so the juri can understand!". And I said to myself... NON. If the public does not understand, the juri will not understand either! I'll make this in French! So I asked my friend Ana-san to translate this. In the end we recorded it in French, English and Portuguese, that way everyone understands it. Now, this thing was abstract... I'll explain and you'll see how related to Utena this is: There are things that are given to you (the garnet ring), things that you try hard to understand (the ribbon); sometimes these things hurt you and then you try to wear a mask to hide those feelings; however, you will never be able to hide your tears. I think it went pretty well, now that I can watch the video. :>
       Epic Cosplay Video by Andrés Liveevil - Look at me at 2:15, so ugley
       Epic Cosplay Video by Andrés Liveevil - Now at 2:30!
       Anifest 2013 -  At 0:25 *-*
    Reception: Some kids mixed me with an Adventure Time character... And only one person recognized me (but was really happy!) But everyone told me I was very pretty and I loved every moment of it!

    Utena Tenjou (Battle Uniform)
    (Revolutionary Girl Utena)

     Reference Pictures
    Ame no Yume
    (by Zé Gato)

    Motivation: Of Utena's outfits, this one is my favourite. I did the two costumes because I'd like to change from one to another on stage, but I like this version very much and it's the one I really wanted to cosplay. :)
    Construction: Progress Pictures (Uniform) and Progress Pictures (Sword). I made this costume with the same pattern as the Rose Bride Gown, using serge for the coat and a lining satin for the lining (the white parts). In this pattern, I added sleeves, for which you can find instructions here (in portuguese). I ordered the shoes to be custom made on an e-bay shop and socks and shorts were bought. For the epaulettes I used resin and a wood base. The sword was cut on wood with a dremel (sp?) with the sacred help of Zé Gato. The wig is the same one I used for the Rose Bride Gown.
    Events and Performances:
       Cosplay Photoshoot 2014 - We got some wonderful photos, which came out very surreal because the weather was terrible (raining and such). The photos were taken with an analogic camera, which added to the strange effect. In the end, I won the First Prize from the Juri, at the Cosplay Photoshoot photography contest! Yay, thank you! =D But the best was the day, even though it was raining so much, I was with the people I love. :)
       Central Comics Fest 2014 - The Transformation - I decided to talk about on how Utena changed from a girl to a girl disguised as a boy. I used a song by Chico Buarque sung with our portuguese accent by Carolina² (a new friend =D ). The song is about the feeling of missing and it has an impressive poem as lyrics. So, I wanted to represent how Utena misses her feminine part while embracing her masculine part. In the video I used a drag queen transformation, because in my little ideas the feeling could be more or less the same. After all, Utena is a travesti.
       Cosplayer Magazine #19 - It has an interview with me, please check it out. :) 
    Reception: When recognized, people love the costume. I found another (much better!) Utena at the same event and it was so fun! Also, people are intrigued with my sword, which is awesome because it was so troublesome to make it. It's a great costume that I'll wear many times, especially when the weather is colder, lol

    (Dragon Ball Z)
     Reference Pictures

    Motivation: For a long time I wanted to make a costume that was lightweight, easy to pack, easy to wear , not too showy and comfortable. Suddenly, this group of people decided to make an event in which they would try to reunite the greatest number of Dragon Ball cosplayers in the world. And I decided... Why not? It did not work out, but the costume is here and it will serve its purpose! I picked this version because, to be honest, is the funniest. :3
    Construction: Progress Pictures. The first challenge of this costume was to find the proper fabric. After months searching, I decided on a cotton blend sold by the quarter on e-bay. When it arrived I was horrified! This is the kind of fabric to crafts and sofas, not for a dress! But I could not find anything better, so I went with this. The vest is serge and the head-scarf cambraia. I used a basic pattern for a dress with a couple of changes: I took out the waist pence, enlarged the collar and made it close with a hook button. Sewed an ellastic band at a waist stripe (an orange stripe!) to make it tight, but still snug. The vest is the upper part of the same pattern, without any pence and the scarf is just a rectangle. The wig is a basic party city wig I bought for 3€ from China and both the shoes and socks were from a mega-supermarket of chinese things I found at the place I work at. I did not find references for the shoes, so I searched for other cosplays and picked something of the same colour that would fit the character.
    Events and Performances:
       Iberanime 2014 - Went with Zé Gato, just walking around, with no performance. We had great fun and took a ton of pictures with other people. I was really happy that the costume was great for walking around, without being too hot.
       Mangaki 2014 - Bicho (Listen to this masterpiece of a song) -I thought about doing a skit with a ridiculous song that everyone would remember. Well, at least they would remember it if they watched DBZ on tv! I made a silly coreography and gave all my energy. Unfortunately there was a mistake at the end in which the song was cut right before the best part (which is "É o bicho, é o bicho" and so on). But I still did that part of the coreography! Went pretty well and got a Second Place!
       AmadoraBD 2014 - Butts - AmadoraBD does not have a contest: instead it has "skits for fun". So I decided to do something for fun. I love to dance, but I dance in a weird fashion. For the first time, I danced my own way, without a coreography and just doing my thing. The song is "Baby got Back" by Sir Mix-a-Lot, and I used it because for a while I was always listening to it on VH1 and I find it hilarious. :)

      Bulma and Vegeta - Bulma announces something shocking (in portuguese). We made this video to a contest, but we were never sure if they got it or not. On any case, here it is. :> Vegeta's legs are Ricardo, video was recorded by Zé Gato and boyfriend gave advice and support!
    Reception: Seems that out of one of the most famous characters ever... I picked the less known version! Saaaad timeeeees......... Nah xD It's really fun walking around in a blue afro wig and that makes up for it!

    (Kemono no Souja Erin)
     Reference Pictures

    Motivation: As soon as I started this anime, I simply loved the character. She was a beast tamer which, by the time she lived, was kind of a veterinarian! But she was a little girl... But then the anime advanced and she grew up! Here I am now!
    Construction: Progress Pictures. First of all, I did a bit of investigation. I have a friend, Tjan, that knows a lot about history. With his advice we were able to locate Erin in time and space: she's a beast tamer in the Asian 8th century. Based on that, I tried to use techniques that would be realistic on that era. I made the shirt with the base pattern of a shirt, with buttons on the back and on the wrists. The buttons are made of wood. The collar is interfaced. The dress was made with the base pattern of a dress with an extended shoulder and armpit. The details had their own pattern and were handsewn in place. The correct fabric would have been linen, but since it was not widely available at my usual shops I used poplin for the shirt (so it would be lighter for summer wear) and serge for the dress. The little bag was made with serge and the details are handsewn. It's held in place with a thin rope. All the leather parts are fake leather (that smells like dragon pee, boo). The bootcovers were based on the tutorials used above, but are held to the shoes with velcro, so they can be taken on and off (easier to put in). The glove was made with the pattern used above, just without fingers (alas, all fingers rounded in one giant one). The belt was made with two tripes sewn to each other and holds together with a wooden button. The wooden parts are made with MDF wood, cut and sanded to hell and back till they got their round shape. The jewel in the bracelet is made with resin. The harp has three rings, held together by silicon glue and nails. They are covered with fake leather and fake leather bias tape. The strings are guitar strings, that make a tiny sound just like in the anime. The wig is from Epic Cosplay Wigs, but the experience was not very good, as the wig was held in customs and after all that work the quality is not that great. It was much longer, because the colour I wanted was not available in the right style. It was cut and styled to Erin's fashion using this tutorial. I also sprayed the sideburns, so they would be quiet on place and would cover my brown hair.
    Events and Performances:
       Anifest 2014 - The Beast (Listen to the Full Song!) - I got this melody stuck since I watched the series. From there to write some lyrics was a small step. We recorded the song at Ricardo's house and that's me singing. I'm a terrible singer, but I could not find anyone to do it for me... Anyway, the rules said the skit had to be in English, for the juri, but I ignored it and brought them the lyrics written on a paper. I felt the skit was too simple, but it was made with all my heart and that's what I wanted to convey. 
       Experiência ECG 2015 no Anifest - I appear through the video, both on the backstage and performance.

    Reception: Two people. Two. TWO. Two people recognized the character. They loved it and I was happy. :)

    Kitajima Maya
    (Glass Mask)
     Reference Pictures
    Le Jardin de Maya
    (by Zé Gato)

    Motivation: This anime is about theatre and actors. Maya is an aspiring actress that acts more and more difficult roles. I immediatly identified with her and wanted to cosplay a version. Ended up picking an artbook one. :p
    Construction: Progress Pictures. This was simple but complicated at the same time, as it was my first time making pants. But well, the blouse. It was a simple blouse, with ellastics at the wrists so they would balloon. The same thing happened with the pants, which I made using a base pattern without pences (sorry, I don't have a tutorial for it). The ribbon was two pieces of fabric together. The veil was supposed to be blue: I dyed it with a gradient, but it rained while it was waiting to dry and all the dye went away... It's light pink, actually. I bought the wig second hand.
    Events and Performances:
       Anifest 2014 - Beijinho no Ombro (Listen to the full song!) - This wonderful person called Valesca Popozuda has a marvelous song with an avant-garde poem as lyrics. We decided to record a cover song that had more in common with the lyrics style. It did not went very well because the audio voice was not very clear and people did not understand what was going on...
       Nihon Sekai 2014 - Cabrita (Listen to the song or to the uncut version!) - Following the trend of original songs based on horrible lyrics, we picked Quim Barreiro's "Cabritinha" to do this. Now, this has a very philosophical explanation, that I sent to the juri (as requested) and that I shall quote and translate. It's long: "Before everything, it's important to contextualize the character. The manga and anime appear in the vanguard of the 70s, in a Japan more feminized that searched for the place of the feminine figure in society. Then this anime appears, speaking about the fight of a girl into becoming a recognized actress, making use of her talents and learnings on that field. So, let's consider: the character is an actress. And to make theatre two things are needed: actor and public. So, this skit appears picking this concept. To ilustrate the idea, I produced an original song - together with a friend that explores experimental music - that is a vanguardist cover of a traditional song known well by all of us. The music will bring reminiscences of the 70s vanguard, as the lyrics also speaks about the woman in an fashion exactly opposite to the anime: in this song the woman is reduced to specimen and ridicularized. So, the character will enter a descending spiral, in which she receives the metaphisical "milk", not from the mother but from the man, destroying herself and humiliating herself as human being, but elevating herself as social character. In scenical terms, considering that the scenery is not essential to theatre, I decided to metaforize the terms "chest", "tit" and "milk", representing each "animal" (man) in milk packages, on space like cardeal quadrants, with absurdist significance with Ionesco influences. To represent the final "the goat", that which offers the "primoridal milk", the most important, I'll utilize a traditional mug (therefore uniting the points vanguard and portuguese tradition) from the city of Tomar's fairs, containing the representative white. In the end, the wanted effect will be the surprise, the absurdity, the incoherence, tranposrting the cosplay skit to the field of absurd theatre, my acting preference. And so we expect a skit with little comical effect, little understandable for the public, but with minimal theatral interest, to addition to the portfolio of me, who writes to you." Anyway. I got Third Prize. ;)
    Reception: Nobody recognized the character. At all. :) New achievement unlocked.

     Reference Pictures

    Motivation: I loved the anime and, especially, I loved the character and his fashion style. This dress, the jellyfish dress, is beautiful, so I wanted to make it!
    Construction: Progress Pictures. It seems simple, but it has its complexities. The whole costume is made with Bridal Satin, except for the lining, which is lining taffeta. For the bodice I modified a dress pattern, in which I prolonged the pence lines to make five different panels. It was fitted on my body and lining was added. The skirt is a circle skirt with an ellastic waistband. The hem is handsewn. Added to it there are the jellyfish details, which were 8 stripes with ellastic added, which gave them a ruffled shape. As detail, I decided to handsew pearls all over the stripes, ending in a stripe of pearls that hang around. The hardest part was the petticoat. I used this tutorial, except I did not make ribbon ruffles (because that would waste a ton of ribbon and it was not needed). The first layer has 6 meters of tulle, the second layer 12 meters and the third layer 24 meters. It was really painful to do this, it's the so called "hell on earth". The base skirt is made with taffeta and is a circle skirt with a zipper and fitted waistband. The petticoat got quite fluffy, but it was still not enough, therefore I wear another petticoat (that I usually wear with lolita fashion), underneath all of this. I wear two tights, so there is not transparency: one pair is from Primark, the other from the same chinese shop where I bought the soes. The wig is from Ebay and it's a nice quality. I cut the bangs as shown on tutorial above. I made two crowns: the first one was too small and wonky. I worked with wire and pearls. On the joints I added silver bullets and stars with superglue. The necklace is made with wire and closes with a necklace thingie I bought at a chinese store (don't know the name in English). I also bought the jewel, but I actually made one with resin. It ended up too large and bulky, so I thought this one looked better. The contacts are from Pinkyparadise and I got them at a Black Friday sale.
    Events and Performances:
       Anisama 2015 - Material Girl (Listen to the Audio!) - I decided to take this costume to a smaller contest to try it out and see how it worked on a crowd and what kind of movements I could do with it. I picked a cover of Madonna's Material Girl by Richard Cheese, as if Kuranosuke is talking about himself. It was a success and I shared the First Prize with a Dragon Ball group! :)
       Anicomics 2015 - Necessary Evil - Since Kuranosuke is a travesti I thought about making a skit about transexuality and transgender. This song is by Ney Matogrosso, which is a Brazilian singer that has a lot to do with the freedom of sexuality movement. I can only imagine, but I suppose that trans people have to suffer a lot to be accepted as they prefered gender. So, I made this man, dressed as a woman, be in pain and suffering, to reject his womanhood to be loved and cherished by the others. Unexpectedly, even thought I made a little mistake (nobody noticed) I won First Place! This is Eurocosplay! I'm going to England and do stuff there! OMG!
       Cosplay Music Video - I'm there somewhere, try to find me!
       Epic Cosplay Music Video by Andrés LiveeviL - And here too! 
    Reception: This character is recognized frequently and people are flustered when they touch my fluffy skirt or wig. This is a beautiful character that people consider like a "Princess" (which he is, a Princess Jellyfish) and even when they don't know who it is, they want to take a picture. Yay!

    Haruhi Suzumiya
    (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)
     Reference Pictures

    Motivation: She's a character I love, both in looks and personality, and her concept is just so fun. I also love the anime! I made this costume at this time because I was supposed to have a group, that disbanded even before it was formed. Only two of us left! :v
    Construction: Progress Pictures. It's quite the simple costume. The blouse was made using a basic blose pattern, with an altered neckline for the sailor collar. For a tutorial on the collar click here. The symbols on the collar and armband were made with transfer paper. For the skirt I altered a base skirt pattern to add the pleats ("machos" in portuguese). The hairband is a normal hairband covered with fabric and dracalon (to make it fluffly) and for the ribbons I tied more fabric in the shape of bows. Socks were bought at a chinese shop, the loafers were my mother's. Got to get new ones, because these hurt my poor little feet! I bought the wig second hand.
    Events and Performances:
       Asian Culture Party 2015 - They are Among Us! (Watch the Support Video!) - I decided to make Haruhi talk about aliens, a bit like the History Channel program. Who are the aliens? Politicians and singers, portuguese pop culture! It went perfect, except for the stupid wig that decided to fall off during the skit... Should have got pins! ;___; I won the First Prize, but that's because I was the only contestant, lol
    Reception: Though Haruhi is not that popular anymore and is becoming a bit of an obscure character, older fans still recognize her and it's always a great experience to talk about this anime!

    Future Plans

    Planned Costumes (kind of by order of priority, they change once in a while)
    • Haman (Gundam Zeta and ZZ)
    • Midori Saejima (Tenshi Nanka Ja Nai)
    • Maetel (Galaxy Express 999)
    • Holo (Spice and Wolf) 
    • Shiki (Kara no Kyoukai)  
    • Luna (Sailor Moon)
    • Oscar (Rose of Versailles)
    • Akari (Aria)
    • Mamiya (Hokuto no Ken)
    • Integra (Hellsing)
    • Major Makoto Kusanagi (Ghost in the Shell Arise)
    • Tanabe Ai (Planetes)
    • Count D (Petshop of Horrors)
    • Nodame (Nodame Cantabile)
    • Princess Leia (Star Wars)
    • Queen Neherenia (Sailor Moon) 
    • Belle (Beauty and the Beast)
    • Timo (Metropolis) 
    • Miyu (Vampire Princess Miyu) 
    • Clare (Claymore)
    • Lunay (Original Character)
    • Alayeska (Original Character) 
    • And a couple of surprises, hoho!

    Planned Groups (always looking for people!)
    • Sailor Moon (as Sailor Jupiter)
    • Revolutionary Girl Utena (as Utena)
    • Rozen Maiden (as Suiseiseki)
    • Monster High
    • Haruhi Suzumiya Series (as Haruhi)
    • Gintama 
    • Azumanga Daioh
    • Tokyo Mew Mew (as Zakuro)
    • Lucky Star
    • Code Geass (as Euphemia)
    • Samurai Champloo (as Fuu)
    • Shiki
    • Clannad
    • Junjou Romantica
    • Loveless
    Keywords for future skits
    • Drugs
    • Sex
    • Rock'n'roll

    Some stuff that's good for everyone and, thus, I'll share! :)
    My Cosplay List @ Youtube - Has skits I like, my own stuff (that you just found here) and some tutorials
    Help! - Folder with a lot of tutorials, patterns and reference pictures. It's in Portuguese, but everyone can use it. It's updated once in a while!
    Cosplay Service - For the girls! Pictures of guys in cosplay.
    Cosplay Workshop - Power Point of a Workshop I gave on the PLAY part of Cosplay. In Portuguese!


    I want to thank, from the bottom of my heart, a lot of people. Namely:
    • My family, that is always there to help me and give me rides
    • Nela, that always gives good ideas
    • Ivanete, that teaches me how to dance
    • My friends, who find me fun, give me critique and support my crazy ways
    • Everyone that ever liked any of my performances and had fun with them
    • Everyone that gives me criticism and helps me to get better
    • My BR friends, because they still keep me around (:p)
    • My friends in the Portuguese community, because they help me a lot and they rock
    • Nhu, cuz nhu ***
    • To everyone that ever pointed me in the right direction     

    Ideas? Criticism? Suggestions? They're all very welcomed! I read all your notes and I use them all to evolve, so feel free to say what you think about my work so far! :) You can mail me at ladyxzeus(

    If you wish to find me outside this blog, I usually hang around AnimePortugal and MyAnimeList. As for my cosplay websites here they are:
    Now I have a cosplay page on Facebook! Due to many things, I ended up having to make one, for keeping in contact and make things easier... Here it is!

    And with this, it's over! Thank you for visiting, please drop me a comment (or two) and enjoy! Remember, if it was not for you, my public, I'd not do this! :) 

    Don't let them control you!

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